San Diego, the Whale Watching Capital of the World

San Diego, the Whale Watching Capital of the World


Earlier, whale watching off the coast of San Diego was something you could do only in the winter months, but now you can see them any time of the year.

The best thing is that seeing them is not a possibility but a guarantee.

Each year a wonderful thing happens. It all starts in December when more than 20,000 gray whales start their 10,000 mile journey from Alaska to Baja California where little gray whales are born and spend their first few months growing up before they head back home.

When spring comes, the whales are strong enough to start their trip and they go back to Alaska. Sounds like a long trip? Well it is – it is the longest distance any mammal crosses annually and we can actually see this wonder while happening. These whales have their usual path where they go each year, so it is easy to guess where they will be at a given time.

Representatives from Birch Aquarium in San Diego claim that these gentle giants usually choose to travel alone or in small groups of two or three, but during the peak migration season they tend to travel in larger groups so more whales can be seen together. They also travel pretty fast considering that their speed is around 6 miles per hour.

Blue whales can also be seen in San Diego.

These whales are the largest animals on the planet and unfortunately, they are close to extinction. These beautiful animals can be seen in San Diego from the middle of June to September and they can be spotted from miles away because they make their position clear by spouting water almost 10 meters in the air. There are only 2-3 thousand of these whales on the planet, and those that can be seen in San Diego feed off the coast of California during the summer. These whales’ behavior resembles dolphins more than their own kind, and they are really fun to watch.


Recently, more and more blue whales are being seen off the coast of San Diego, but their migration paths are still unclear.

If you want to see whales, you can book a whale sightseeing excursion and enjoy watching these wonderful animals.

You can watch whales by land or by sea and there are several spots in San Diego where you can do exactly that, including the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, Torrey Pines State Reserve and Cabrillo National Monument. When you take a sightseeing tour your host will offer a variety of places and ways to see the whales. If you don’t like boats and you would rather stay on the ground, you can watch the whales from there, but going on a whale watching trip by boat gives you an amazing opportunity to experience the ocean and enjoy the beautiful blue skies, and of course – see the whales up close.

This is something you should definitely do at one point in your life, as it is an experience you will not likely forget as long as you live. The whale watching cruise lasts for around 3 hours and you have a guarantee you will see either a dolphin or a whale. If you don’t see any of the two, you get the same trip for free the next day.

San Diego has truly become the whale watching capital of the world – this is the only place in the world where there are so many whales that you can see any time of the year. Simply amazing!