San Francisco Building Raised Bike Lanes to Reduce Injuries

San Francisco Building Raised Bike Lanes to Reduce Injuries


Sharing the road with cars and motorcycles is all but safe when you’re on a bike.

That is why the city of San Francisco decided to build a raised bike lane to reduce the chances of bike riders getting injured, and increase safety. The goal is to motivate more residents to use their bicycles instead of cars, so the city would become a healthier place to live.

At this point, only a few cities in the U.S. have such bike lanes.

These cities have seen an improvement when it comes to safety and the number of people who choose to ride bikes more often. This lane the city of San Francisco is about to build will be only 2 inches higher than the regular road where cars and motorcycles will be going, but there will also be a 5-foot “buffer zone” between the bike lane and the road.

The bike lane will be 6-feet wide, which will be just enough space for bike riders to feel comfortable.

The first lane of this kind that is going to be built in San Francisco will be on Valencia Street which is in the southern Mission District, but it will be pretty short – the length of one block, not more. Anyhow, cycling activists seem to appreciate the effort no matter how short this lane may be.

This should be the first, but not the only raised bike lane to be built.


There will be several other projects to make more raised lanes for safer bike rides. These lanes will be built in those areas where bicycle injuries happen most frequently and are most severe.

One project to solve many of the city’s problems – inactivity, lack of safety, pollution and traffic congestion.

This is a huge step forward for San Francisco. The city will not only become safer when it comes to bicycle riding, but it will also become healthier and eco-friendly.

The policy director at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition says that the excitement about bringing raised lanes to San Francisco is high, and pointed out that this project really is of great importance by saying that those lanes have the purpose of keeping people safe by “creating more predictable traffic patterns”, and encouraging people to drive their bikes more often.

While in Europe raised bike lanes have been used for quite some time now, San Francisco is one of the pioneer cities to do something like that in the U.S.

These lanes don’t differ much from the regular road and they are nicely divided from the sidewalk. It is some kind of a protective lane for cyclists and this may be one of the best things to happen to San Francisco, especially considering that in the last decade there have been many bicycle accidents, and some of them even ended being fatal.

Hopefully, next year we will be riding through San Francisco safe and sound, using the newly-built bike lanes.