Satanic Statue Presented in Detroit – Where’s It All Leading to?

Satanic Statue Presented in Detroit – Where’s It All Leading to?


Hundreds of people gathered in Detroit for “the largest satanic ceremony in history” to unveil a satanic statue.

As the end of July approached, approximately 700 people made a gathering in an old warehouse in Detroit to witness and participate in a satanic ceremony.

Most of the people present are openly Satanists, and a part of the occult group proclaimed as a religious one. Those not part of the cult came to satisfy their curiosity. Although there are many Satanists who cause no harm besides occasionally killing goats for the sake of occult sacrifice, the size of this event may signify something far more serious and troubling.

The festivity, considering the pictures posted on Facebook, really looked harmless, no more serious or dark than a well organized Halloween party. The purpose of the event was to unveil the statue of Baphomet, a mythical creature with the head of a goat and a body of a human, which in the modern world represents the symbol of Satanism. Above the head of the idol there is a pentagram (which is widely known as the symbol of orthodox Satanism), and beside it there are a boy and a girl curiously looking at the creature.

The statue itself is very artistically and meticulously made – someone would even call it a work of a true artistic genius.

It goes nine feet in height and it has around a ton in weight. The idol also has large wings on its back, so magnificent that they served as an inspiration for several movies and series dealing with the occult and fantasy, including the hit TV series The Iron Throne. Besides its powerful and fascinating wings and a goats head, this statue represents Baphomet as a very strong, muscular man.  Other than its feet (that are not actually feet but hooves), the head and the wings, the statue could also represent an idol of a modern man. The entire statue was made in bronze, including the two children looking at Baphomet.


The person who organized this event, Jex Blackmore shared her views on this statue and its unveiling for TIME magazine and said “Baphomet contains binary elements symbolizing a reconciliation of opposites, emblematic of the willingness to embrace, and even celebrate differences”.

Simply put, this statue could be a test to see how open-minded Americans can be. Maybe more importantly, they want to see if people can accept differences and respect them.

Blackmore, who goes by this pseudonym for the sake of her own safety, directs the Satanic Temple in Detroit, the largest and most organized satanic outpost in the U.S. – all the others are relatively disorganized. She got the idea to found it after attending a lecture on Satanism at Harvard.

When journalists from TIME asked Blackmore whether her group is religious, she explained that it is an affinity group which believes that suffering is bad and “that which reduces suffering is good”.

She also explained that they do not worship evil as people might expect. The group also doesn’t believe in Satan as a person, but as an abstraction which stands for “rationality, skepticism, speaking truth to power, even at great personal cost”, as Nancy Kaffer wrote for The Daily Beast.

However harmless this unveiling may be, it still frightens some people and according to the thoughts of one Detroit pastor, it is “a welcome home party for evil.”

The state didn’t support the placing of the statue on legislative property, although the same disobedience came recently from Christians who placed a marble slab engraved with the Ten Commandments on city property near the Oklahoma State Capitol, more precisely – beside the capitol dome. Although this Ten Commandments monument went against the state constitution, the statue will probably not be removed, while such civil liberties will not be granted to the Satanists and they will probably have to move their statue.