Sick of Traffic Jams? Do What This Chinese Man Does!

Sick of Traffic Jams? Do What This Chinese Man Does!


Traffic jams in China are a common thing, and once it happens, you can turn off your engine and prepare yourself for a long wait. You can even bring Sudoku or some mind game to keep you from going crazy from all the waiting.

Recently, traffic jams in China have become so ridiculously problematic that they have made headlines. The most horrible jams in China can last up to nine days! But why does this happen?

China is quickly growing, particularly its economy, and there is a higher need for transportation vehicles, but the road system is outdated and cannot handle as much. Traffic jams are the worst in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Wuhan, etc. Luckily, these are the only cities where traffic jams lasted several days, in other places it doesn’t last more than several hours (although, that is a lot of time as well).


China has started working rapidly on updating the railroad structure and the road network in order to improve the traffic situation, but these changes will take some time before things get better. In the meantime you have a choice. Will you suffer each day in traffic, get stuck in traffic jams and lose your nerves before you get to the office, or will you find another, more effective means of transportation which won’t depend on the road situation and won’t get you stuck in a jam?

One man in China had enough of being late to work every single day, so he started riding a horse to work.

The name of the man remained unknown, but we know that he lives and works in Wuhan, China, as Tencent via Shanghaiist reports. The man explained that he stopped driving his car because he was always getting stuck in traffic and was almost always late for work because of it. So he made a change.

Now he rides a horse to work every day and comes there dead on time.

This would maybe be a little strange if the man didn’t work at an equestrian club where he is also a member of the jockey club. He now comes to work on a horse and spends his days with horses, so it seems fitting.

But of course, in a huge city such as Wuhan, riding a horse across the city streets tends to attract attention.

This means that the man became an attraction and videos and pictures of him riding a horse in business clothes across the city streets became viral and now he’s the topic of the week.

The horseman found his solution to beat traffic jams. What will you do to make things easier? If you still choose your car, make sure you bring something to pass the time.