Snorkeling While Waiting for Pizza? It Can Be Done

Snorkeling While Waiting for Pizza? It Can Be Done



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A pizzeria in Fiji, (at the spectacular Ro Ro Reef amongst the Mamanuca Islands) has found a way to combine two types of enjoyment that ordinarily seem unattainable or odd – something that you would probably never put together.

Cloud 9 is the name of the pizzeria that really lives up to its name.

It is a floating platform on two levels in the deep blue sea, and you can enjoy a refreshing dive or swim while waiting for your tasty Italian cooked-in-a-wood-fire-oven pizza to be made. Yes, this is possible.

This pizzeria is equipped with a good surround sound system, so you can enjoy the music while sun bathing and relaxing, if you are not in the mood to get into the water. However, the water is so clear and pleasant that you will simply need to jump in, at least for a short swim. Cloud nine has enough space for 100 people and they all can have their own sun bed or a hanging chair and enjoy their time on the sun deck.

Since the pizzeria is floating in the deep sea, you can’t just get there by foot.


This is actually the part of the adventure – you can take take a jet boat tour on the ‘Excitor’ and you’ll be there in around 45 minutes. While you’re traveling to this dream place in the depths of the South Pacific Ocean, you can enjoy the ride and socialize with the other 54 people on board. This is a somewhat slow ride, but you will surely enjoy it. If it is too slow for you and you want to get there as soon as possible and order that pizza everyone is talking about, you can take a speed boat near any of the three resorts – Plantation Island, Musket Cove and Lomani, and it will take you to Cloud 9 in around 10 minutes.

When you arrive to the pizzeria, you will be able to relax and enjoy the view of Vanua Malolo on the Reef which will take your breath away and convince you that you are in heaven on earth.

Cloud 9 is open to any event, so you can have your wedding, birthday party or some other gathering here and share this paradise with your loved ones. You can enjoy a wide selection of local beers and spirits, soft drinks and fresh juices, and indulge in a couple of slices of Italian Wood Fire Pizza.

Currently you can go there and spend an entire day in heaven for $189, and that price includes a return boat transfer, lunch (the mentioned pizza, of course) and two drinks of your choice. Good price for a day in paradise, don’t you think? 

For more information visit the official website of Cloud 9, Fiji.