Take Your Pick: 4 Best Value Airlines

Take Your Pick: 4 Best Value Airlines


Traveling can be pretty expensive, when you consider you have to pay for the airplane ticket, the accommodations, the attractions you visit, and that’s only the basics as you also have all the taxes, all sorts of fees, etc. This can really empty out your wallet, but there are, fortunately, some airlines that will fly you where you want for affordable prices, without lacking in quality.

In fact, travel becomes very cheap if you know where to look for an airline that will fit into your budget, so to make life easier for you we have comprised a list of the 4 best value airlines.

What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

If you want to book a flight to the northeast, southeast or western parts of the States, or to Central and South America, the Caribbean or Mexico, JetBlue Airways will take you there and you will enjoy your flight while watching your own TV and making yourself comfortable in leather seats. You will, of course, get free snacks, and you don’t have to pay for the first bag you check in. During your flight, you will receive ear plugs, hot towels and coffee, as well as an orange juice to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and all that for an affordable price.


Southwest Airlines Co. is a busy airline with many flights per day, which means that they earn more, so the tickets can be less expensive and affordable for ordinary people who don’t bathe in money. This airline is famous for the ability of its planes to deliver passengers and board new ones in the course of 10 minutes, no more. Besides the affordability and the speed, flyers are generally satisfied with this airline for the pleasant employees who even sing during flights. There is live TV which you can watch in case you get bored from looking at the skies.

Virgin America Inc. is one of the most beloved airlines thanks to its great price-to-value ratio. Cheap prices, but with all the benefits, including good snacks, Wi-Fi, ordering food via touch screen device and the staff who treat people with respect and politeness. You can also watch TV and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in Virgin America’s airplanes, as this is where your vacation really starts.

This is one of the cheapest airlines, but it doesn’t mean the quality is worse or the service is bad. Au contraire.

WestJet airline connects Canada with America, as well as with Mexico and the Caribbean, so the choice of places to go to with this airline is limited, but if you want to go to some of those places you know which airline to choose. Flying with them to major U.S. cities is also an option.

WestJet has participated in several charity projects and received several awards for humanness and customer service, and you can be sure that if you fly with them, you will be treated kindly and you will land happy and relaxed. Who said quality has to be paid lots of money?