Tallywackers – the First Ever ‘Chestaurant’ Opened in Dallas

Tallywackers – the First Ever ‘Chestaurant’ Opened in Dallas


We’re all familiar with ‘breastaurants’ like Hooters or Twin Peaks where men gorge on good food while enjoying the company of gorgeous women.

But why do men get all the fun?

Now, women and gays will enjoy the first ever ‘chestaurant’ through Tallywackers. Opened this May 30, Tallywackers features hunky men in skin-tight shorts and bare chests serving comfort food.

Head over to Lemmon Avenue in Dallas’ gayborhood to enjoy a bite of their delicious, large hotdogs and other mouthwatering treats. Its location is aligned with the restaurant’s hopes to reach the local LGBT community.


But Tallywackers’ head of marketing, Winston T. Lackey, says they are targeting their diners to be beyond the LGBT community. They are aiming for women too.

Lackey was confident to say that Tallywackers is “not going to be your average gay establishment”.  He also highlighted the live entertainment on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights where diners will witness “cabaret-like” and “very varied” performances.

Tallywackers offers more than just the man candy.

Their menu features various comfort foods including truffle fries, crab lollipops, calamari, hotdogs, and burgers. There are also grill entrees including chicken breasts, ribeyes, pork chops, and bacon-wrapped filet mignon. Aside from those hunky males, you can get some mashed potatoes or Brussels sprouts on the side. Hotdogs are also being served.

Grab yourself a Tallywaker, a 1-pound beef frank on a bun with mustard, onions and relish, topped with 2 scoops of slaw, two pickle spears and fresh tomato wedges. This will definitely make your mouth full with every bite.

Owner Rodney Duke emphasized that Tallywackers will be “a respectable restaurant” so do not expect anything like the Chippendales.

After all, you will be there for the food, right?