The 10 Weirdest Restaurants You’ll Ever See 

The 10 Weirdest Restaurants You’ll Ever See 


Life would be boring without a little weirdness. And, sometimes, all you need is a twist, a break from the regular and ordinary, even if it’s only a dinner out. Creative people around the world had ideas for some pretty strange restaurants, but we have gathered 10 of the weirdest you could encounter.

So if you ever visit these towns, make sure you swing by for an unusual and unforgettable meal at one of these 10 restaurants!


1. The Royal Dragon, Bangkok, Thailand

This epic restaurant is one of the biggest restaurants in the world. In fact, it was pronounced “World’s Biggest Restaurant” in 1992. It sits on 8.35 acres and has space for as much as 5,000 people. The size itself is impressive, but just imagine how many people need to be working there to keep the place running smoothly.

There are 1,200 people in the staff, 540 of which are waiters. Now, we come to another interesting thing. The restaurant offers a unique atmosphere and waiters contribute to it by wearing traditional costumes. However, here comes the weird part – in order to serve you food while it’s still hot in such a big place, they are moving around in roller skates and flying across the sky on zip lines.

You can order anything from original Thai food, to Chinese, Japanese and Western dishes. The food, however, isn’t the main reason for visiting The Royal Dragon. While you eat, you can enjoy all kinds of shows around you, including martial arts, traditional Thai and Chinese dances and music.

The fact that your food arrives from the sky is just another weird detail worth experiencing. The impressions are mixed, mostly because the feeling is not the same if you get there on a slow day and come across an empty restaurant. But otherwise, it is an exceptional experience.

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