The 10 Weirdest Restaurants You’ll Ever See 

The 10 Weirdest Restaurants You’ll Ever See 


2. Snow Village, Lainio, Finland

If you don’t mind the cold, Snow Village is the right place for you. This beautiful restaurant is just one of the parts of the unique hotel made of ice, so you can even decide to spend a night in one of the hotel’s 30 icy-cold rooms. The temperature doesn’t go below 23°F even if it’s colder outside. Still, you have to be pretty well equipped whether you’re planning to spend some time in the hotel or just enjoy a meal in the restaurant.


The most amazing thing about this hotel/restaurant is that it changes every year. It is not just one building that stays the same all year long. It is made out of snow after all, so every year, 44 million pounds of snow and 770 thousand pounds of ice is used to make the Snow Village. This creates a different experience every time you visit it.

You can admire the whole building which covers an area of 215 thousand square feet and explore all the possibilities of the Village, one of which is even a Chapel where you can arrange your wedding.

We don’t even need to mention that you will try some of the coolest (pun intended) drinks at the Ice Bar served on the rocks, of course. The staff of the Snow Village is “warmly welcoming” you to visit.

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