The 3 Biggest Terrorist Threats to the U.S.

The 3 Biggest Terrorist Threats to the U.S.


Terrorism is an ongoing topic in the news, political speeches, promises on the next elections (and all the previous ones) – it is arguably the biggest problem the United States are currently facing.

There are several groups that are most frightening, but the one that actually is inflicting the most damage to American citizens might surprise you.

There are ongoing disputes in the American government about which terrorist group poses the biggest threat to the States – the Islamic State or Al Qaeda. Depending on who you ask, it is one or the other, and the truth is – they pose different kinds of threats. While the Islamic State has a strong social media campaign, inspiring various attackers to fight the U.S., Al Qaeda seems to be planning much larger “mass destruction” attacks. They are aiming at airlines and similar facilities that would cause deaths of thousands of passengers at once. Since 9/11 they have not attacked the United States, for all concern, but this may only mean they are preparing something really big.

This question is awaiting a public response, which will determine the allocation of billions of dollars in the counter-terrorism fund.


Some politicians say one thing, others give arguments for the other, and we are left to see what will happen. And while they are arguing about foreign threats, recent studies have shown that the biggest one is in the population itself.

A new study by the New America Foundation shows that the biggest terrorist danger for U.S. citizens comes from within – almost twice as many people have died from the hand of right-wing groups, than from the Al Qaeda attack on 9/11.

“White Americans” seem to be carrying out their own wishes while everyone is focused on foreign terrorist threats.

Domestic terrorism is real, it is here and it is pretty serious. One of the most common reasons for domestic terrorism is abortion, or in this case anti-abortion. The conservative Christian groups are most usually the ones pursuing this cause – attacking the doctors and the hospitals willing to provide abortions or abortion counseling. They are not rare as you may think, and they are not the only domestic groups killing U.S. citizens. There are also eco-terrorism groups, such as Animal Liberation Front, nationalist groups such as Aryan Nations, racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and many more. All of these are inflicting terrorism on their own land.

You may not have thought of this in this way before, but it seems that our biggest threat is that of ourselves. Of course, Al Qaeda and the Islamic State cannot be forgotten and the U.S. government needs to find a way to deal with them, but also, we should start focusing on the terrorist groups near our homes which, as it turns out, are much more dangerous.

As much as 9/11 was awful and as much as we don’t want it to ever happen again, we could be facing serious threats from different sides – even some that we could never suspect.