The 5 Mightiest Armies in the World

The 5 Mightiest Armies in the World


When a relatively small number of soldiers are able to defeat a much bigger army, there is no doubt about its power. Of course, it is important to have good-quality army equipment besides having capable soldiers.

According the website Global Firepower, the mightiest armies in the world are ranked based on the number of soldiers, access to strategic assets, and several other factors. Here are the 5 most powerful armies in the world:

1. The United States

Absolutely the most powerful army in the world, with a defense budget of over $612 billion, America invests more funds into its nation’s defense than all the other countries on this list combined. The United States Armed Forces also have a fleet of 19 aircraft carriers, which (again) is 7 aircraft carriers more than the rest of the world combined. This makes the U.S. Army able to impose their power anywhere in the world, if they wanted to.

What makes the U.S. Army so powerful and advanced is the combination of modern technology and an extremely large number of very well train soldiers, along with state of the art nuclear weapons. This army is definitely not the one you want to be messing with!

2. Russia

Even though after the Soviet Union seized to exist people expected the Russian Armed Forces to be weak or at least not among the mightiest armies, this military is quickly regaining its power. Since 2008, the Kremlin started investing over 30 percent more money into their armed forces, and they are planning to increase their military power and spend 44% more money within the next 3 years in order to renew the relatively outdated weapons and provide better training for their soldiers.


Currently, Russia is spending $76.6 billion on their army of 766,000 active soldiers and 2,485,000 reserve force personnel. Although that figure sounds much (and it is), it is still a lot less money than the U.S. Army spends.

3. China

With an official defense budget of $126 billion, China has been investing heavily into their military, and throughout 2014 their military budget has been increased by 12.2 percent. They are trying to become more powerful very quickly in order to be able to impose their power and use it to win in the border disputes with Japan and the Philippines.

Considering their tendency to successfully steal technology and military ideas from other powerful countries, the People’s Liberation Army of China can be extremely dangerous if it comes to war. They have 2,285,000 active soldiers and 2,300,000 standing in reserve in case of a conflict.

4. India

India isn’t spending as much as the other countries on this list when it comes to military, but with ‘only’ $46 billion dollars and a a goal to become the fourth highest spender within the next five years, India still has one of the most powerful armies and it is the largest importer of military goods in the world.

Indian Armed Forces may not be as large and don’t have as many soldiers as China or some other country, but they have an outstanding strategy and ballistic missiles with a very good range, so they would probably be able to defeat larger and higher-spending armies, such as China’s or Pakistan’s.

5. The U.K.

Currently, the U.K. has a military budget of over $54 billion dollars, but it is beginning to invest less money in the army and is working towards decreasing the size of its armed forces by 20 percent until 2018.

Although this is a relatively massive setback for the British Armed Forces, this didn’t put this country off the list of the most powerful armies in the world. By 2020, the U.K. army is planning to put an aircraft called the HMS Queen Elizabeth into service. This aircraft will be so powerful that it will be able to defeat enemies all around the world. Even though it has been downsizing, the U.K. Army is still one of the most feared adversaries in the world, thanks to extensive training and expensive and good-quality army equipment.