The 6 Most Impressive Buildings in the World

The 6 Most Impressive Buildings in the World


Based on various characteristics that make buildings special and unique, we have comprised a list of the world’s 6 most impressive ones. From museums to hotels and hospitals, here are the buildings that have been captivating the human mind for decades.

1. One World Trade Center, New York (U.S.A.)

The One World Trade Center has recently become the tallest skyscraper in America and the fourth largest in the world. After 7 years of construction it was completed in 2013. It was intentionally built to be 1,776 feet tall in order to represent the year when the U.S. Declaration of Independence was brought. This building consists of a cube base, isosceles triangles and a tower. The tower has 140 floors and it develops from the 20 floor large cube. This building is truly unique regarding architecture, as well as its meaning and it is certainly something NYC is very proud of.

2. Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

The Petronas Towers are actually two identical skyscrapers and they were the tallest building in the world until 2004. Even though it is not absolutely the largest anymore, it is still the pride and joy of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and a world-wide appreciated monument. It was constructed in postmodern style and it portrays a futuristic tendency of the city.

3. Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy)


Everybody knows about the Tower of Pisa, it is one of the greatest and most famous architectural pieces in Europe. It wasn’t intentionally built to lean, but it began to do so due to the ground not being firm enough to support its weight. According to experts’ estimations, this building will completely collapse within up to a century. The construction took place for over three centuries and the real architect isn’t actually known, but there are some controversies about who might have made the original design.

4. Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest (Romania)

This palace is the largest civilian building in the world and the style it was built in is magnificent. It was built during the golden age of the dictatorial regime when bigger meant better, and hence the building was built as tall as it could be. Today, this building is visited daily by hundreds of tourists who come to see monumental sculptures, heavy carpets, laced ceilings and many more amazing details that would stun any visitor.

5. Colosseum, Rome (Italy)

The Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever built in Rome and it is also one of the world’s best and most fascinating architectural pieces. Its primary function was saved for gladiatorial games which were watched by fifty thousand people seated in the stadium. The Colosseum was built from 72 AD to 80AD and even today its design serves as an inspiration for the construction of many of today’s stadiums. Currently, this fabulous building is mostly a tourist attraction that many people from all around the world come to visit.

6. Sydney Opera House, Sydney (Australia)

The most impressive construction in Australia and one of the most fascinating ones in the entire world, this building is certainly one of the most inspiring architectural pieces of the twentieth century. The architect who designed this magnificent piece, Jørn Utzon, was unknown until he won the competition for designing a national opera house. This architectural masterpiece consists of 3 groups of shells combined and connected which cover the two halls meant for theater performances and one restaurant. This is a level of design ability that not many world known designers could brag about having.