The 7 Cities with the Best Public Transportation System

The 7 Cities with the Best Public Transportation System


All around the world people rely on public transportation to get from point A to point B safely and quickly, if possible. In some countries, it’s a mess and you would rather choose to walk or ride a bike than ever take the bus or train, but some cities have outstanding systems that make your commuting experience dreamy and even exciting.

Here are the cities with the best public transportation systems in the world:


Public transportation in Berlin is almost impossibly good. You can take the bus or train to take you literally anywhere you want to go. There are taxis available almost anywhere, you can rent a bike and use it to tour the city, while the trains and buses are regular, clean and safe and they will take you where you want to go in no time.


With more than 300,000 people commuting every single day, it would be very troublesome if the public transportation didn’t work as well as it does. There are numerous bus routes as well as underground and suburban railways, and you never have to wait for your transportation too long. Just as you arrive at a station, your bus is there in a matter of seconds, or in worst case scenario – in minutes. You can commute throughout the city, but also visit the surrounding area quickly and easily.

New York


It would be simply wrong not to mention New York as one of the cities with the best public transportation system, as it deserves a very high place on our list. Yes, there are often some delays and reroutes, as well as cramming due to many people commuting to and from work at the same time, but it is still a great achievement and any kind of problem that arises is fixed almost immediately. There are bus and train routes that can take you to almost every part of the city, and you never have to wait too long.


Zurich is a relatively small city with a relatively small population when compared to some other great cities of the world. Another good side of it is that it is extremely rich, so in this case it means that they take good care of their city – the public transportation is safe and clean, and the best part is – it always comes on time, and it’s never even a second late.


Portland is one the leading cities in the U.S. when it comes to public transportation, and it has one of the best systems in the world. There is a Free Rail Zone with many trains and cars free and available always. The safety of public transportation is very high and busses and trains connect all the parts of the city, as well as the surrounding areas.


Paris is one of the greatest metropolises in the world, and obviously their public systems, including the transportation, function very well. The organization in this city is amazing, and the connectedness is almost unbelievable. There are stations all around the city, so if you go for a walk and get tired, you can catch a buss or a subway almost anywhere.


Although public transportation is almost always crowded, trains and busses are very regular and hygiene levels are amazing. You can easily get used to the crowding considering that there is never a delay. These people take their obligations extremely seriously – without exaggeration!