The Absolutely Best Cities in the U.S. to Retire In

The Absolutely Best Cities in the U.S. to Retire In


1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh wasn’t always a great place to live in, but recently thanks to government actions and the efforts of residents, it is now one of the best places for both young and old to live a quality life. Today, it has over 300,000 less residents than in 1950, which helped it turn from an industrial city to a more intimate, well established one. This city offers great places to experience culture and great music, watch ballet and there are also several museums which retirees love visiting. Pittsburgh allows you to live your life any way you like, as long as you respect your fellow citizens. The best thing is that even the retirees with low income can afford living here. You can buy a house for around $115,000, and receive high quality health care that you can afford.

2. Austin, Texas

Austin has that small city charm, but with a population of around 790,400 it really isn’t that small. It is a city loved by the young and the elderly, especially due to the outdoor activities it offers. There are several lakes and swimming holes, and the temperatures are summery for 10 months a year, which translates to a lot of time spent by the water, and a lot of outdoor activities and social gatherings. Austin also offers an opportunity to enjoy cultural events, such as listening to lyric opera, symphony orchestras or watching ballet. But besides all these advantages, what really draws most retirees to Austin is affordable housing (around $235,000 on average), quality medical service and tax-free state income.


3. Fort Collins, Colorado

Staying active even when you reach a certain age and retire is very important in order to maintain optimal physical health. And what better activity than bike riding? Fort Collins has over 30 miles of paths specifically designed for bikes, and they are so large and well paved that they can even be called roads. This small town offers a variety of outdoor activities, for summer as well as for winter. Housing is affordable for an average retiree, and you can buy a decent home for around $221,400.

4. Portland, Oregon

For those retirees who enjoy a beer once in a while, Portland is the best city, as there are over 40 local breweries; and for those who enjoy good coffee, again, this is the place to be. Another thing that attracts retirees is that the pace of life is slow and relaxed, there is some kind of serenity roaming in the city. Even though Portland is located in an attractive part of the country for young people as well, the prices of housing have not gone up (an average home costs $263,300), and they are still low enough for retirees to be able to purchase and settle in this beautiful place.

5. Washington, D.C.

Even though this is the capital of the U.S. and it seems odd that anyone would want to retire there, believe us, there is a reason why it is so good for retirees. This city offers an abundance of attractions and places to have fun – museums, restaurants, the National Zoo, libraries, art exhibitions, etc. There are also many outdoor activities the elderly can enjoy, the subway can be accessed almost everywhere and the tickets are much cheaper for retirees. The medical system is great, and retirees pay less for health care. Now, when it comes to affordability, this may be the only issue. You can’t buy a home in Washington below $450,000 (at least not a decent one). However, if you have the money and you can afford it, it would definitely be worth every dollar.