The Average Joe’s Guide to the Attractions in Hollywood

The Average Joe’s Guide to the Attractions in Hollywood


  • The Hollywood Sign

This is probably the first thing people look at the minute they go to Hollywood. If it’s not, it would be a crime to go all the way to Hollywood, Los Angeles, California and not even get a glimpse of it. There are several establishments in Hollywood that offer a view of the Hollywood sign, but the most popular go-to place would be Hollywood & Highland Center, which is an attraction in itself. Another way to see the sign is to hike all the way up there via the Bronson Canyon route or any of the other routes your prefer. If you’ve got some cash to burn, you can go on a guided horseback tour of Griffith Park organized by Sunset Ranch Tours. You will see the Hollywood sign, downtown Hollywood and the Griffith Observatory, all on horseback!

  • Hollywood & Highland Center

Located on the Hollywood Boulevard, this place has become a landmark like many of its neighbors. The Hollywood & Highland Center is most popular for having the best view of the Hollywood sign, but because it’s located where so many other tourist attractions are, it has also become a great place to eat, shop, and play in between stops. Explore the Babylon Courtyard or walk down the Road to Hollywood, which is a pathway in the shopping mall pavement that contains statements by various famous movie actors and directors.

  • The Chinese Theatre – Forecourt Of The Stars

Hollywood has become a metonymy of the motion picture industry in the U.S. and the town is banking on this by offering all sorts of movie and TV associated attractions. One of the most famous is the Forecourt of the Stars in the Chinese Theatre, where tourists can compare the size of their hands and feet with the imprints of the biggest Hollywood stars.

  • The Rock Walk

Similar to the Forecourt of the Stars, the Rock Walk is also a courtyard of handprints, except that of famous musicians. The display cases surrounding the courtyard are also filled with rock memorabilia. Although not as popular as the Forecourt of the Stars, any music fan is sure to enjoy searching for their favorite rock star’s hand prints.

  • Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, celebrities are honored with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are over 2,500 stars, but the greatest concentration of stars can be found in front of Hollywood & Highland and the Chinese Theatre. The Walk of Fame stretches over a mile of Hollywood Boulevard on both sides from La Brea Ave. up to Grower St. with extensions on Vine Street from Yucca Street to Sunset Boulevard.

  • Madame Tussaud’s, Hollywood

Madame Tussaud’s opened next to the Chinese Theatre in 2009 and has since overshadowed its neighbor – the Hollywood Wax Museum. Cozy up and take a selfie with true to life replicas of your favorite stars.

  • Take A Guided Walking Tour Of Hollywood

Every street in Hollywood will have a piece of motion picture history you will want to check. Hollywood is surprisingly walk-able and since all these tourist attractions are so close to each other, a guided walking tour is one of the best ways to see them. If you’re an average Joe who loves beer and bar food, there’s even an Old Hollywood Bar Crawl, a walking tour that will take you to Hollywood’s classic dive bars and restaurants.

  • Take A Tour Of Paramount Studios

Paramount Studios is one of the longest standing studios in Hollywood and is a true Hollywood landmark. Feel like a movie star for a day and see what it’s like to be in the thick of movie making magic.

  • Take A Sightseeing Bus Or Trolley To See Hollywood

If you cannot be bothered with walking or if it’s too hot outside, you can take any the many sightseeing tours by bus, trolley or van that Hollywood has to offer.

  • Amoeba Records

On Sunset Boulevard stands one of the great bastions of music in the U.S. – Amoeba Music, with its unbelievably wide selection of music and Atomic Age facade, is sure to delight any music lover. The store offers a wide array of new and used music on cassettes, vinyl, CDs and more. They even host tons of free concerts, DJ performances, and artist signings!

  • Universal City

While technically not in Hollywood, Universal Studios is but a 3 minute metro ride away from Hollywood itself and it would be a shame to miss it if you ever find yourself in Tinsel Town. Universal City is a combination of a movie-based theme park and studio tour.