The Most Exotic Foods You Have to Try In Your Lifetime

The Most Exotic Foods You Have to Try In Your Lifetime


A long long time ago Socrates said: “Bad men live that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink that they may live”, and we agree. However, while we’re eating to survive, why wouldn’t the food we put in our mouths be great and bring pleasure? There are so many great flavors in this world and it would be a pity not to try at least some of them, and while satisfying your hunger why wouldn’t you also enjoy the experience?

After all, eating the same food and tasting the same flavor for your entire life can be boring. That is why it’s great to try out new things in life and keep things fresh, and even though you may not like your new experience – at least you tried it and satisfied your curiosity.

Here are the most exotic foods you should try in your life, if you’re the curious type.


1. Fresh Oysters

You’re probably wondering why we’re mentioning oysters when you can have them in almost any good restaurant. Eating oysters at a restaurant is surely a pleasurable experience, and they really can be called exotic, tasty and satisfying.

But have you ever tried them fresh, straight out from the sea?

If not, there’s your next food quest. When oysters are taken out of the sea and you eat them immediately, as fresh as they can possibly be, you will feel an explosion in your mouth caused by the combination of delicious flavors and just the right amount of salt coming naturally from the sea water.

You can eat them straight from the shell, and that is our recommendation for your first time, just so you could experience the natural wonder of this food. Then later, if you feel like some spice would come in handy, you can always use some lemon juice or horseradish to add flavor to your oysters. This is something you should definitely try when vacationing, especially if your destination is the Pacific Northwest or northern California.

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