The Most Hideous Foods People Actually Eat

The Most Hideous Foods People Actually Eat


You wouldn’t believe what people in some countries consider food. Even though food is one of the most interesting aspects of a nation’s culture, sometimes it’s just too much. These are the most disgusting foods you can find in the world, but be warned – the list is not for those with a weak stomach.


1. Scorpion Soup

We’re starting our journey in Southern China, where a scorpion soup is considered a delicacy. While we wouldn’t dream of touching a scorpion, let alone eat one, the Chinese are rather brave and adventurous when it comes to their food. Besides, they believe that scorpion soup is good for the health as it cures cancer and eases rheumatism. They mostly rear scorpions at their home ranches and then sell them at markets.

The soup is made by putting whole scorpions in it, only cutting off the tip of the tail. This can be a rather dangerous task, and many chefs were stung while trying to prepare these little monsters. However, deadly while the animal’s alive, scorpion’s venom is said to be pretty harmless when cooked. We don’t want to check if that’s true but you can if you’re willing to risk it.

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