The Most Hideous Foods People Actually Eat

The Most Hideous Foods People Actually Eat


2. Sheep’s Head


This specialty originates from Norway where it was the food of the poor at first as other sheep’s parts were more expensive. However, now it is widely consumed in North Europe and the Mediterranean. We are used to eating our meat in such a way that we forget we are eating a dead animal, but this is quite a brutal reminder of that fact. But wait until we paint the whole picture.

A whole sheep’s head can be eaten smoked, dried or cooked in a soup. The sheep’s head will still be looking at you from your plate, until you eat its eye that is, since the eye and the tongue are considered the best parts of this weird meal. Also, the head is often served with the brain intact inside and sometimes without it. Make sure you eat the eye and the ear first because they are best when they are still warm.

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