The Most Ridiculous Fast Food Items

The Most Ridiculous Fast Food Items


From foods that are ridiculously expensive and combinations that sound completely incompatible, to the most unimaginable dishes, the world today is full of food items like this. If nothing else, they surprise us for a moment and take us out of the ordinary, away from regular pizzas, normal ice creams or cakes that are just cakes.

Whether you would ever choose to eat such foods, that is your choice, but here are the most ridiculous food items you will ever hear about or maybe even try:

1. Edible Coffee Cup At KFC

Have you ever had your coffee and then eaten your cup? Didn’t think so. Well, at KFC you can order a Scoff-ee Cup, which is actually a cup made of cookies and white chocolate that stays firm even at high temperatures, and filled with coffee, so you can eat your cup after having your coffee. The cup is wrapped in sugar paper. Basically, everything you get – you can eat it.

This is something you can only buy in the UK, but do you even want to buy it? Alright, maybe for the sake of trying something new and abstract, but who wouldn’t rather just dip some chocolate cookies into their coffee? Besides that, those who drank and ate this coffee at KFC say that the edible cup doesn’t smell edible at all (but has a grassy, sun cream and flower scent).

2. The Most Expensive Ice Cream In The World

Which other city than Dubai would offer something like this. One scoop of this ice cream will set you back $817 in Scoopi Café – so you must be wondering whether this ice cream is made of gold or diamonds?


Well, actually, it is. Its name is The Black Diamond and it consists of 23 carat gold leaves which you can eat and which are the “icing” on this ice cream. Besides the gold, there is Iranian saffron, black truffle and a Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream. This doesn’t really sound that tasty – in fact it sounds a little tacky and tasteless, but that doesn’t stop extremely rich people from buying it. It is probably a class thing.

3. Bacon Milkshake

This is one of those combinations of foods that simply shouldn’t have happened. It actually sounds pretty repulsive and you really have to be willing to try anything to take a sip of this milkshake. Jack in the Box restaurants offer this ridiculousness consisting of grease, grease and grease, in liquid form. Yuck!

4. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

This is basically a pizza crust stuffed with hot dogs, and this ridiculousness is served at Australia’s Pizza Hut. On the outside of the crust there is ketchup and mustard and then you have the regular pizza on the inside of the crust. Do these two really go together? Would you really want to find out?

5. Fancy Lobster Burger

It is actually called Premium Lobster & Caviar Burger, and it is served at Wendy’s in Japan. It was first served in 2012 and it managed to gain popularity, even though burgers and something as fancy as lobster and caviar don’t really go together. But people are probably constantly searching for something new to try, so everything extravagant can pass. Not to mention that the Japanese love strange combos (remember Bilk, half beer-half milk?).

6. Double Down Dog

You have come to KFC and you can’t decide whether you want a hot dog or fried chicken? Not to worry, now you can buy a hot dog wrapped inside fried chicken. But only in the Philippines – suppose nobody else thought of this combination. Where is this world going to? Soon we’ll have sandwiches where bread slices are wrapped inside another bread or some other ridiculousness.