These 4 Beach Towns Will Be the Best Part of Your Summer

These 4 Beach Towns Will Be the Best Part of Your Summer


The time for summer vacations has come and now it is a good moment to think about where you want to go. When choosing your summer destination, you probably want it to have beautiful pearly white-sand beaches, great seafood restaurants and an interesting nightlife. You can go somewhere in America, or you can choose a place anywhere else in the world, but the most important thing is to relax and have a wonderful time.

Here are some of the most amazing beach towns where you can spend your summer or go for a week of relaxation:

1. Chincoteague Island, VA

This is a unique place where you can walk and see ponies running unsupervised, you can catch your own seafood in the sea, and you can enjoy some relaxing time at the beaches. The air here is so fresh that you will feel as if you just learned how to breathe. There are many activities for you here, including bird watching, horseback riding, swimming, biking, and many more. There are numerous small hotels in this town, and many of them are located on the beach, so you can literally get up and go into the water for a quick dip. There are also numerous restaurants where you can eat seafood, or any other type of food you want. You can visit the Museum of Chincoteague Island and the Refuge Waterfowl Museum if you want to experience the cultural aspects of this town, but you can also relax at the beach or play water sports the entire day if that is what you came there to do.


2. Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz is a town that is interesting all year round, and not just during the summer, but summer is the time when it is the most beautiful and lively. It is located on the northern edge of Monterey Bay and it is famous for the natural beauty of its coasts, the wonderful redwood forests, the variety of styles of locals and a boardwalk where you can do some shopping. You can also visit the Mystery Spot – a gravitational anomaly in the redwood forest near Santa Cruz. Here, your perception of gravity and laws of physics will be disturbed. It is definitely something unique and interesting, and it would be a shame not to experience it.

3. Alameda, CA

This little town is not only a beach town, but a cultural center as well that is rich in diversity. It is located between San Francisco and Oakland and it has everything a town should have, but it also preserved its privacy and the sense of intimacy. You can enjoy the wonderful beaches, the clean water and the amazing sunset over the horizon, and have a picnic on the beach with your loved one, if you want to be romantic. You can also explore the town’s history, visit the town’s museum, or try some great food at Hang Ten Boiler or any of the other great restaurants. Food is what this town is famous for, as there are lots of international dishes at different restaurants, and there are also desserts to blow your mind. But it is not all about the food, this city also gives you a rich nightlife.

4. Gulf Shores, AL

Gulf Shores is a wonderful coastal town in Alabama where the beaches are wonderful and the waves are perfect for a bit of surfing. This city is windy, but the weather is mostly sunny and every day is a perfect day to go to the beach and enjoy some relaxing fun time. There are places specifically meant for fun, such as the Gulf Adventure Center, but you can also go scuba diving and explore the amazing depths. This city has it all – fun and adventure, as well as peaceful places and relaxing beaches. It is beautiful, but it is not all about beauty – this town has a soul and gives you that special feeling that you will gladly remember long after your vacation is over.