These 5 Cities Will Be Under Water by 2030

These 5 Cities Will Be Under Water by 2030


The change in climate caused sea levels to rise, which obviously has had an impact on coastal cities. According to a Climate Central report from 2013, there are 1,400 towns that will be underwater by 2100 just in the U.S., and many more around the world. Even if carbon emissions dropped immediately, these changes would still happen, and many cities around the world will end up ‘drowning’.

Here are some of the cities that will be beyond see level by 2030:

1. Miami

It has been predicted that due to rising sea levels Miami will become an American Atlantis by 2030. According to the prediction, flood waters will be at waist level and it will spread from Star Island to Fort Lauderdale beach. The city’s wirings will also be flooded which will lead them to ineffectiveness and the city will be out of electric power. Miami is one of the U.S. cities which will suffer the most serious consequences of climate change and yet nothing is being done about it. People who live near the coast will lose their homes and the entire city will be in a disastrous situation when it comes to water and power supplies. The U.S. is not doing much about it, since, as Rolling Stone magazine reports “It will be easy for the rest of the nation to just let South Florida go.”

2. Galveston, Texas

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2013, unless air pollution is controlled soon, Galveston will be the first city to submerge by 2030. As the author of the study and a scientist at Climate Central, Benjamin Strauss explains, Miami will follow Galveston almost immediately if pollution is not cut and technology that would absorb CO2 from the atmosphere is not discovered. If things continue developing in this direction, Strauss says it will lead to coastal cities being submerged all over the world.


3. Bangkok

Bangkok is already somewhat underwater. It has always been close to being flooded, as it was only 5 feet above sea level until the disasters started happening. Besides the rising water levels, the problem also lays in the fact that the foundations of buildings are not built on solid ground, so they are gradually sinking into the soil. According to an article published in Ecopedia in 2013, it wouldn’t be strange if gondolas, such as those in Venice, started going through Bangkok. The sea levels are rising fast and have been over the past 100 years. Since 1920, sea levels have risen 0.06 inches per year on average, which doesn’t seem so scary, but that means that they have risen 6 inches in less than a century. This, according to Ecopedia, could mean that Bangkok will be underwater by 2030, but it will probably last around a century longer until it is entirely and constantly covered by water.

4. Huntington Beach, California

According to the prediction made by Climate Central, this city will be somewhat underwater by 2020, and by 2030 it will probably be entirely flooded. This will mean that 34,551 people will have to move because this city will not be suitable for living after the water levels rise by 3 feet. What puts this city even more at risk of going underwater is its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, which makes it especially susceptible to flooding.

5. Stockton, California

This city is at risk of going underwater before any other U.S. city. It is placed among the California Delta between Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley, which is the main source of drinking water for most of the state. The problem that may lead to this city going underwater is that it’s very close to sea level, and according to Climate Central’s estimations, Stockton will probably be three feet underwater by 2020, which will leave more than 48,000 people out of their homes and destroy one quarter of the city’s land. No wonder real estate is cheap here.