These Cities Will Pay You to Move There

These Cities Will Pay You to Move There


College graduates, and other people searching for great employment opportunities dream about moving to New York City, San Francisco and other big U.S. cities. These cities have a lot to offer- great jobs, entertainment options, good public transportation systems… They are a dream to live in, but they are also pretty expensive and not everyone can afford to move there. On the other hand, there are cities that would actually pay you to move there. Yes, you read it right.

The cities that are willing to pay you to live there are less popular, but they can really save you tons of money. Maybe these cities aren’t among your first choices, but maybe the fact that they offer free (or very affordable) housing, tax rebates and student-loan reimbursement will change your mind. These cities have been struggling to keep their younger residents there, as they usually move to other cities where there are better opportunities. In an attempt to promote the growth of their economy and culture, they offer you financial ease, as long as you’re ready to live and work there. Here are the cities you’ll be paid to live in. Maybe they’ll be good for a short stay, and maybe you’ll love living there and settle down.

1. Niagara Falls, New York

This city is great if you’re a romantic, freelancer or a telecommuter. There aren’t many job opportunities there, which is the main reason why young people have been moving elsewhere. Niagara Falls is now trying to attract young people by offering to repay their student loans and secure cheap housing. This could be a great opportunity for you if you have a job in a city nearby and you don’t mind commuting to work- this city doesn’t require you to work there, just live there.

2. Chattanooga, Tennessee


Chattanooga is a great city for young people who are working from home. Other than securing cheap housing, this city also offers free internet for the entire city, which is amazing for web developers and all the people who work online. As more and more people are actually choosing to work this way, this can be a great money-saving opportunity, if you don’t mind relocating. Chattannooga has also created GeekMove, a program designed to financially help computer developers who live in this city.

3. Detroit, Michigan

You know that Detroit has had many problems over the past few decades, and the bad atmosphere in the city has led many residents to move away. Now, there are many abandoned neighborhoods and the city looks somewhat depressing, but it is trying to make a change. Although it could be challenging and difficult at the beginning, your move there could be a significant contribution to the city, and the more people move there, the easier it will be to bring Detroit back to life. The city has developed a program which pays job applicants to move to Detroit. Bringing fresh talent will bring connections and development of new businesses that might just help this city recover.

4. Kansas

Yes, we’re aware that Kansas is a state. Well, almost all the cities in Kansas will pay you to move there. Seventy out of seventy-seven rural counties are willing to repay your student loan if you move there. As Kansas is a pretty nice place to live if you love open space and nature, besides the lack of business opportunities, people are lining up to move there, and there are even waiting lists for some counties.

Some counties in this country have their own incentives to attract future residents. Lincoln, for example, offers free lots for the first 21 people who are planning to build houses. In Marquette, besides the free lot, a free building permit, free water and sewer hookup, there are also several entertainment options that could be attractive to you. Many cities in Kansas will offer free housing for a certain number of people. They do, however, expect you to contribute to their community in some way, whether through building a home for yourself, working there and helping their economy, or in some other way.

5. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore won’t actually give you money or things for free, but it will offer you a forgivable loan if you’re a new homebuyer and you are looking to move into a transitioning neighborhood. However, this doesn’t mean that the city forgives your entire loan- it forgives your balance by 20 percent each year, meaning that you’ll be paying off much less than you usually would. However, this may not be a good enough reason to move there, as you’ll be spending more money at bars and restaurants, especially now as the prices have gone up.