Three Women Jailed in Russia Because of Twerking beside a WWII Monument

Three Women Jailed in Russia Because of Twerking beside a WWII Monument


Three women who were filmed while performing a twerking dance in April this year beside a WWII memorial in Russia are sentenced with time in jail for hooliganism. A 19 year old woman was sentenced to 15 days in jail, while the other 2 who are in their 20s got only 10 days.

In the video, there are six dancers performing this sexually provocative dance that has recently gained popularity amongst the youth, beside the Malaya Zemlya memorial in Novorossiysk, South Russia.

Prosecutors claim that twerking (e.g. dancing provocatively by thrusting the hips) in front of such an important monument, especially at the time so close to celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Allies’ victory in WWII, is immoral and disrespectful towards those who laid their lives in the war, and have jailed two woman for 10 days and one for 15.

Two other girls escaped fines because of their poor health, and one wasn’t sentenced because of being underage. However, the parents of the underage girl are blamed for her misbehavior and are prosecuted for “the failure to encourage the physical, intellectual, physiological, spiritual and moral development of a child”.


This incident of disrespect for the memory of war history is unacceptable and any attempts to desecrate sites of military glory will be stopped immediately”, prosecutors said, as BBC reports.

However, it seems that twerking in Russia is unacceptable in general, and not only near monuments of national value.

After the video went viral, Novorossiysk, the city where these women are from, became the center of attention. The women in the video were identified and charged for hooliganism for using such a provocative and vulgar dance to attract more recruits for their dance school, and performing it on this sacred land.

We condemn these women. Every inch of this land is covered in blood,” said Viktoriya Dikaya, the press secretary for the city’s education department.

This incident happened only a few weeks after the Orenburg dance school in southwest Russia was closed due to the surfacing of a video which shows its dancers twerking and performing other sexually provocative moves on stage.

The dancers were a group of teenage girls who wore costumes resembling Winnie the Pooh, mini-skirts and long socks.

Currently, a committee is trying to find out if the performance of the 3 jailed girls was an act of negligence or a deliberate desecration. If it turns out to be deliberate desecration, the women will be punished with community service, and ultimately maybe even with up to three years in prison.