Top 9 U.S. Metropolitan Areas with the Highest Obesity Rates

Top 9 U.S. Metropolitan Areas with the Highest Obesity Rates


More than two thirds of Americans are overweight, and according to a study conducted at the Washington University School of Medicine in State Louis, 37% of women and 35% of men ages 25 or older were obese. The researchers also found that the obesity rates in the U.S. have been rapidly growing over the past two decades, and according to the CDC, obesity brings a yearly medical cost of around 150 billion dollars in this country. According to the State of Obesity’s recent data, in some states obesity rates go even above 35%, and 23 of 25 states with the highest rates of obesity are located in the South and Midwest. Let’s see which cities in the U.S. are struggling with this problem the most, based on the Forbes’ list named ‘America’s Fattest Cities’.


1. Huntington-Ashland, West Virginia-Kentucky, Ohio.

According to the State of Obesity’s rankings from 2014, the obesity rate in the state of Ohio is 32.6 percent, which is, you have to admit, pretty high. Even though Ohio is not the state with the highest obesity rate in the U.S., Huntington may be the ‘fattest city’, as some people may call it.  Huntington’s obesity rate is 39.5%, which is high above the state average. In 2014, Huntington was named the fattest U.S. town, and the obesity there is still on the rise. In a Gallup’s survey from 2013, it was realized that the cities with the highest obesity rates are those where incomes are mostly low, people have less healthy eating habits and they don’t tend to exercise regularly.

In 2009, Jamie Oliver established a nutrition and cookery program in Huntington, but not many people started following the steps of healthy nutrition due to whether lack of information or interest. With such high obesity rates, a little less than a half of this city’s population is at risk of diabetes and other diseases, if they don’t already suffer from them.

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