We Bring You Oktoberfest in All its Glory

We Bring You Oktoberfest in All its Glory


Oktoberfest is one of the best festivals you will attend (or have attended). It is an annually held beer festival that goes on for 16-18 days in Munich, Germany, typically from the end of September to the beginning of October.

The first Oktoberfest ever took place on October 12, 1820.

That is when Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese and all the citizens were invited to share their joy at the festivities on the city’s grass fields (and hence the nickname “Wiesn” for Oktoberfest which means grass).

What you can expect at Oktoberfest this year is the same as you could experience every other year, and that is people dressed in traditional Bavarian clothes, enjoying themselves, drinking beer and celebrating the festival. You can enter the tents without any reservations, but often there won’t be any free seats because many people already reserved their spots, and without a reservation you can’t buy beer or food, which is something to take note of.

So, if you want to be able to enjoy and relax, have a beer or five, a sausage or some soft pretzels, be sure to make reservations for a table or at least a seat for yourself.

There are sometimes people who would let you take their seat for long enough to be able to order something, but it’s better to plan ahead. One table with seats for 6-10 people costs around 300 Euros. This can be pretty expensive if you’re going alone, so the best thing to do would be to find more people who would like to book a seat, and make reservations for several people, because even if you only need one seat you have to pay for the entire table.

Also, make sure you bring cash because they don’t accept cards at Oktoberfest. You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the beergarden, but you cannot bring them inside. But anyway, aren’t you going for the sake of food and beer, anyway? Of course, besides the bends you’re going to listen to.


Outside the beer tents, there is always a carnival with games, rides, sugary treats, contests, the whole lot.

This is the other side of Oktoberfest you probably didn’t expect, but it is there, as well as a lot of people singing and having an awesome time.

And now, it is time to talk about outfits. You didn’t actually think you can go dressed casually to a festival like this, did you?

If you’re going, do it right and find yourself a traditional Bavarian outfit. They’re not cheap, but it is the price you pay for having the best time ever! Dirndls, the girls’ traditional outfits cost around 180 Euros ($200), and lederhosen outfits for men are around 220 Euros ($250). Those are quality outfits, and of course, if you want something cheaper, you can find something used or of lower quality.

When it comes to how much money you will spend, it depends on how much beer you will have. One beer typically costs around 10 Euros, while meals are 12 to 15 Euros. Of course, you can get smaller meals or snacks for less money. Outside the tents you can buy drinks other than beer and they cost around 8 Euros, while a sausage (or ‘wurst’) will cost you around 4 Euros. So, make your budget and prepare yourself to have lots of fun!

While you’re at Oktoberfest, don’t miss the Weiner Dog Races.

And yes, it is exactly as it sounds – locals with dachshunds bring their dogs to race with other dogs, and this goes on every day while the festival lasts. These races can be pretty hilarious and cute, and really fun to watch. You should also check out, or even participate in the Beer Stein-Holding Contest, officially known as the Paulaner Masskrug Contest, or simply put, a competition where competitors hold a filled beer stein with arms stretched out in front them and parallel to the ground, and whoever endures the longest is the winner. This also happens every day of the festival, so you will have plenty of chances to try it out.

With an unlimited supply of great beer, the smell of amazing food all around you, and with crowds of fun-loving people everywhere you turn, Oktoberfest is truly something you should experience. There hasn’t been a single person in the world who visited this festival and went home disappointed, so be sure not to miss something as special as Oktoberfest!