Welcome to the Kingdom of Enclava, the World’s Smallest & Newest Country

Welcome to the Kingdom of Enclava, the World’s Smallest & Newest Country


Between the borders of Slovenia and Croatia there was a ‘no man’s land’, so some people thought of an idea. Why wouldn’t they turn that area into a country of their own? The country is called the Kingdom of Enclava and it is the youngest country in the world, but the second one to arise since April. It was found by a group of Poles who decided to found a country and attract citizens online. The citizens who would want to move here are probably those who are unhappy with the way their country functions and want to find a better place to live.

However, the Kingdom of Enclava is, besides being the newest one in the world, the smallest country in Europe and it is no bigger than some back yard.

Not many people could live on 93 square meters, but the founders want to create a community there, where education would be free and you wouldn’t have to pay taxes. At first glance, this sounds amazing, but exactly how many people could live in such a small country? Could something so small even be called a country, or should it just be seen as what it is – a piece of land in between two countries where people can live?


The idea behind this is to have one place where people of all colors, religions and nationalities will have the freedom of expressing their thoughts, besides not having to care about the costs of education and paying taxes.

Anyhow, the Internet has been at work, and now more than 5,000 people have asked for a virtual citizenship of the Kingdom of Enclava.

The founders of this country claim that the people who move here will have the opportunity to choose which language they will use, and they can choose from English, Polish, Slovenian, Croatian and Mandarin. It is a little unclear how they are planning to fit all those languages into such a small yet-to-become community without creating an incoherent society where no common language is spoken and no true communication rules. Considering the size of this place, as well as (probably) the idealistic but unlikely-to-come-true wishes of the founders, the chances are stacked up against Kingdom of Enclava becoming internationally accepted as a country.

The Kingdom of Enclava is located only 50 kilometers from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and just near a Slovenian town called Metlika.

Although the founding of this country sounds interesting and attracts lots of attention thanks to the Internet, it is doubtful whether it will develop into a real country any time soon, if at all. The reality is that not many people would like to share a space as big as a suburban garden with people who aren’t their family. But who knows, maybe the founders will really work on providing all the promised benefits and turn this place into a small, tax-free heaven.

Creating micro-nations seems to have become a trend in different parts of the world, and usually most of the citizens are attracted through Internet-based marketing.