What is Every State Obsessed About

What is Every State Obsessed About


The United States is a big country. From California to Maine, from Texas to North Dakota – millions of people are interested in various different things. But is there a way to find out what interests them the most?

There is, and, as Flickr showed, it is not even that hard. They did a very simple thing: googled it. They used the site’s auto-complete predictions feature, typing the phrase “how much does a * cost in [state]”. They came up with a fun map showing what people all around America are searching for the most.

Here is what their research came up with:

  • Beauty corrections

Seems like many US citizens are very interested in getting some of their features corrected.

So, breast implants are mostly searched in Arkansas and Indiana; Oklahomans are looking for breast lifts; facelifts are popular in Virginia and California and people (probably women) in Idaho spend time online researching the prices of liposuction. A popular topic in Iowa is Botox, and in North Carolina – nose jobs. The beauty standards are rising with the skinny models and actresses appearing on TV and in the papers all the time, so apparently, more and more of “common folks” are looking to change their own appearance as well.

What should we make of it? Is it only a funny fact or should it be considered as an unhealthy habit of the 21st century?

  • Having or not having a baby

While some of the states can be proud because their citizens search mostly for a way to have one (adopting a child is a hot topic in Kentucky), others should maybe rethink their decisions and start using contraception.

Alabama and Florida, for instance, seem to be mostly concerned about the price of abortion. Not one state has top searches for “condoms”, “contraceptive pills” or even “gynecologist”, but people in Arizona and South Dakota do spend a lot of time googling the cost of a vasectomy.

People in Kansas, on the other hand, mostly want to know what it will cost them to get a marriage license, while Missourians are thinking mostly about building houses, and the people of Illinois are looking for a daycare. Way to go, Kansas, Illinois and Missouri! Also, way to go Texas, where the top search is “nanny”.

  • Vice

Well, America can be proud of its citizens being very interested in all kinds of bad stuff and the prices they would have to pay to enjoy them (can you smell the sarcasm?).

They don’t think about safe sex, but sex with a prostitute is a very popular topic in Connecticut and Nevada. Liquor license is concerning the people of Michigan, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, while New Yorkers and Coloradans are worried about the price of weed.

The people of Ohio don’t seem to trust their loved ones very much, since they searched for private investigators most often. Speaking of trust, DNA tests are a hot topic in Mississippi and Tennessee. The ones in Utah like driving fast and are wondering how much a speeding ticket is, while the price of a keg of beer is very important to those in Wyoming and Nebraska (although they only googled “keg”). Well, at least they are not combining the two… Oh, wait, DUI is the topic most searched by the people of Delaware and Maryland.

Nice, America. Real nice.

  • How to enjoy vacations and free time

The citizens of Montana like fishing and want to know the price of a license. Apparently, Americans love to travel – mostly the ones in New Hampshire and Washington, who spend their time on Google to discover the price of making a passport. For shorter distances, transportation is also very important to people in Georgia and Minnesota (taxi), as well as in Massachusetts (the T).

  • The strange (and the not-so-strange) ones

Apparently, drilling a well is a wish of many people in West Virginia, while Wisconsinites are worried about the price of electricity. New Jersey folks are very interested in the price of a funeral, while Louisianans only care about succession. The cost of water is a big thing in Oregon, just like a cord of wood is in Vermont, and gas in Hawaii. Alaska, on the other hand, seems to be most worried about the price of a gallon of milk. Maine worries about state inspection, while the people of Rhode Island need their State IDs as soon as possible.

And North Dakota googles: “How much does a minor cost?” Fortunately, they are not asking about the price of an underage person. What they mean is: “How much is getting a minor in possession going to cost me?” Phew…

Now that we look back on all of these funny, awkward and even disturbing results, is there anything we can conclude? Some of them are really surprising (like prostitutes in Connecticut), others were expected (like prostitutes in Nevada).

Maybe Americans are a bit too obsessed with their looks and don’t seem to care enough for making a family, but at least they can make us laugh with stuff like googling the price of water or the question “How much does a minor cost”.