What You Should Know Before Heading Over to Australia

What You Should Know Before Heading Over to Australia


Australia is a magnificent country and a wonderful place to travel to. If you are one of the lucky people who have the time and money to go there and explore the tropical wonders of this beautiful country, here are some things you should know.

1. Prices are really high

In Australia, you will probably need around a hundred dollars for accommodation, food and attractions. Transportation will probably be the thing you will be spending most of your money on. In order to save some cash consider camping or staying in a hostel instead of a hotel. They are affordable (30-50 dollars a night per person), and pretty clean and decent. Cooking your own food is definitely cheaper than eating each meal out. Of course, when in Australia, be sure to try and enjoy some local delicacies, but you can also try saving a little.

2. You will not be surrounded by kangaroos

If you go into the wilderness, you will maybe see one, but don’t expect to see them in urban areas. Not all of Australia is crowded with them. So if you really want to see a kangaroo, you should go into some wilder areas or visit a zoo.

3. The coffee is amazing!


Australia is known for great quality coffee. Wherever you go, whether it is a restaurant, a hotel, or even a gas station – you will be offered amazingly tasting coffee prepared in high quality espresso machines. This may be because the soil where these coffee beans grow are somewhat different than anywhere else in the world, and due to the fact that Australians are very passionate about this caffeinated drink they make sure they prepare it the best way possible each time. Don’t forget to try their coffee when in Australia, that is an experience that will change your perspective on this beloved drink forever.

4. Tips are not required

Tipping in Australia is somewhat different than in America. In restaurants and coffee shops, you will usually see tip jars, but you are in no way obligated to put some money in. Of course, if you want – you can. Australians only raise their prices for up to 20% on public holidays, in order to reimburse the workers for coming to work that day.

5. They drive on the left side of the road

You are probably aware of it already, but for those who aren’t – just in case – Australians don’t drive their cars on the same side as you do in America. Don’t forget that and get into a wrong track while you’re there. Their cars also have steering wheels on the right side, so everything is proportionally opposite. It may seem difficult now, but you’ll get used it in no time.

6. A large pizza in Australia is actually like a normal-sized pizza in America

If you order a large pizza in a restaurant and you get one that fits well onto a plate, don’t be surprised. Australians simply have smaller portions of junk food. Guess they are not such foodies as Americans.

7. In Australia, it’s normal to eat kangaroo meat

You can buy it at the supermarket, at butcheries, or have it in restaurants, and Australians swear it is nutritious and delicious. This may sound repulsing to you, but in Australia this is normal. They say the meat is very nutritious, healthy, and very low-fat, and many people who take care of their health and looks consume it. The kangaroos are harvested from the wild and there are no kangaroo meat farms in Australia.