When in Rome…

When in Rome…


The foundation of Rome was laid 2,700 years ago near the River Tiber, which makes this city one of the oldest and most historic ones in Europe.

Located in central Italy, Rome has been constantly inhabited and today it has a population of around 3 million. Only around 17 miles away from the Tyrrhenian Sea, Rome is the capital of Italy and it surrounds Vatican City, the center of papacy of the Roman Catholic Church and an independent state since 1929.

The city of Rome consists of two regions – the suburban outer city and the small historic center. Rome has been the capital of Italy since 1871 and it has always been as special and unique as it is today. Visiting this city means experiencing many periods of European history and enjoying the antique spirit of the place. There are so many places to visit in this city, and when in Rome it would be a shame not to see at least some of them.

But before we move on to sites you should definitely visit in Rome, a word of warning – Driving through Rome can be very difficult, because of the crowds, traffic, and navigating, but taking a train, bus or metro to travel through Rome is very convenient so it may be the best choice for transportation. However, if you want to go sightseeing, it may be best to walk and give yourself a chance to explore and feel the spirit of the city.

Here are the places you shouldn’t miss when in Rome:


1. The Pantheon

Originally built around 25 BC, Pantheon served as a polytheistic temple of the gods appreciated in Rome. It was destroyed in a fire in 80 AD but by 125 AD it was newly built by the Emperor Hadrian, and that building still stands strong today. Later, this construction stopped being a temple and became a church (otherwise it would be destroyed by Christians), but it was also used as a burial place for kings and other noteworthy persons.

Located in Central Rome, Pantheon is one of the most popular tourist attractions today. Its magnificence is still fascinating and the way it was built such a long time ago speaks about the advanced techniques Roman architects possessed.

The enormous cast concrete building still has its original roof and a round opening at the top. Until the fifteenth century, Pantheon was the largest dome in the world. The architecture of the Pantheon is fascinating. It consists of eight intersecting arches which are placed on piers and run through the drum inside and out of the building. These arches were developed by Romans who realized that was the best way to sustain an enormous building, and they were right. The higher levels of the building are built with lighter materials. The inside is a combination of tradition and innovation, which together creates a harmony you should not miss seeing and experiencing when you visit this beautiful city.

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