World’s 4 Most Hated Cities by Americans

World’s 4 Most Hated Cities by Americans


1. Paris, France

Paris is at the same time one of the most beloved and most hated cities – loved for its culture, monuments, the Louvre and its sophistication, but hated for its people and overcrowding.

When you go to Paris, you usually have to deal with rude staff at almost any facility that provides any kind of service, from cafes to stores to hotels. The Parisians don’t really appreciate or respect anyone who isn’t from their city and they will show their resentment and hostility directly and openly. This is enough to make you not want to stay long. Besides that, even though visitors often come to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, the waiting lines are so long that you get tired and sick of waiting. But any big and famous city has these kinds of issues, and you can either love them or hate them.

Finally, it is your choice if you’ll find a way to overlook this unpleasantness for the sake of experiencing something dreamy and magnificent.

2. Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta may be the only place in Indonesia where no one likes to go when visiting this country. It got nicknamed “The Big Durian” which is a thorny smelly fruit, and whoever thought of it wasn’t wrong.

Maybe, if you stay for a longer time you would get used to this city and learn to like it, but that is a rare thing. According to a study from 2011 conducted by Indonesia’s Central Bureau for Statistics, 8 million Indonesian tourists spend around 8 days per year somewhere in their beautiful country, but Jakarta isn’t one of the places they visit. When the locals don’t like, you can bet your last penny that foreigners hate it!


Even when some tourists decide to visit this polluted and overwhelmed-with-poverty city, they change their minds pretty quickly and leave disgusted long before exploring the city and seeing its landmarks.

3. Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana is a town with a very high murder rate and crime rate in general, but that is not the only thing that puts tourists and other visitors from America off. Tourism in Tijuana has dropped by around 90% in the last decade, which also made this town poorer, as there is much less revenue coming from tourists.

Why do we hate Tijuana?

Part of it has to do with drug cartel violence which makes this city potentially dangerous and undesirable to visit; people don’t want to go somewhere where their lives may be in danger. The other reason is probably the recession. Whatever the reason may be, Tijuana is one of the most hated cities and not many Americans actually like going there.

4. Cairo, Egypt

There are many world cities where the drivers are crazy, traffic always jammed, the streets overcrowded and the pollution really bad, but Cairo is considered as one of the worst. That’s why American travelers would rarely wish to visit this overcrowded place where there is always some stress. Not to mention the pollution.

The World Health Organization released a report according to which breathing one day in this city is just as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes.

However, even with these (highly unfavorable) things considered, this city is still high on our bucket lists because of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the last Wonder of the Ancient World still standing, and people simply feel the need to visit it at one point in their lives.

Assuming you decide to visit Cairo some day, besides the traffic and pollution, be sure to watch out for any political protests, as they tend to spark quite often and always end with human casualties.