World’s Largest Hotel Being Built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

World’s Largest Hotel Being Built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia


According to designers Dar Al-Handasah, the Abraj Kudai hotel in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) will be the largest hotel in the world once it opens.

The hotel will be located at the Manafia area in Makkah’s central zone, around 2 kilometers away from the Masjid al-Haram – Mecca’s holy mosque. The opening is planned for 2017 and it will have twelve towers and 10,000 rooms. Abraj Kudai won’t actually be a hotel, but a complex and it will have helipads and 70 restaurants.

The budget for the construction of this hotel is $3.5 billion, and it will be around 1.4 million square meters large.

Compared to the currently largest hotels in the world, the Izmailovo Hotel in Moscow (which has 7,500 rooms and is comprised of four buildings) and the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas (which has 6,198 rooms), the Abraj Kudai hotel will be significantly larger. The designers are probably increasing the number of rooms by so much so that it would be difficult for anyone to get near this number and build an even larger hotel any time soon.

The size, height and astonishing location of this hotel, as well as its architectural style make it similar to a landmark.


The hotel will be modern and multifunctional and it will be suitable for the Saudi locality as well as for the Islamic universality. Though this hotel is in such a spiritual place, you won’t have to be religious to visit it – you may go simply because you want to witness that amazing architecture and enjoy the oriental luxury.

The Abraj Kudai hotel will be surrounded by private buildings and properties from the east and the west, so it will be a huge, classy and amazing hotel rising from the streets of a residential area. The hotel will be much taller than any building near it.

The total size of the hotel property will be around 60,000 square meters, and besides the hotel, the restaurants and the convention center, there will also be parking lots, a bus station, and a shopping mall.

This will, obviously, be a five star hotel, and it will welcome people from all around the world, but most gladly those who come for the Holy Kaaba. Haram visitors will be given rooms on the lower levels of the hotel, so they would be close and have easy access to the Haram. This hotel will be the crowning feature of this holy city, a place where pilgrims will be able to find a bed, which some think is ridiculous as most pilgrims won’t be able to afford such accommodation. Anyhow, if not pilgrims, this hotel will definitely attract guests from all sides of the world, but will all 10,000 rooms be constantly booked? – Probably not, especially because Saudi Arabia is not famous for being a popular tourist destination.

This 45-floor desert fortress will be open for visitors in 2017 and it will probably remain the largest hotel in the world for at least a couple of decades.