Would You Try These 8 Freaky Desserts?

Would You Try These 8 Freaky Desserts?


The world is a wonderful place full of exciting destinations, fascinating cultures and delicious foods. And when it comes to sweets, every country has their own typical ingredients and traditional recipes. Sometimes, however, these specialties are more strange than delicious.

But if you have a sweet tooth and you’re adventurous, you just might appreciate these 8 freaky desserts.

  • Chocolate-Covered Crickets

Thailand is the home to many strange foods. No wonder we are going to this country to try our first freaky dessert. And trust us, we have picked the most acceptable one out of the specter of bizarre snacks. For some reason, Thai people love to eat insects and they usually fry them. You can basically find insect snacks on every corner in Thailand. But if you want to go for something sweet, we dare you to try the delicacy called the chocolate-covered cricket. Yum!

  • Cherpumple

This one comes straight from America. Can you guess what the name stands for? Well, it’s actually a blend for cherry, pumpkin and apple pie. It’s basically three pies in one. And it may not be as freaky as eating insects, but the idea for it is very practical. You know how during the holidays you can’t decide which pie you want, so you take a slice of each? With, cherpumple, you have all three favorite holiday flavors combined into one magnificent pie cake. And the making of it isn’t so simple. It takes three days!

  • Wasabi Ice Cream

We’re travelling to Japan, where another weird treat is waiting for us. How would you like to try a dessert which is made from wasabi, a condiment used to spice up sushi that not many Westerners enjoy since it’s very hot. We’re not sure who exactly thought this would be a good idea, but the ice cream actually tastes delicious. Its tangy taste just adds up to the flavor and it’s actually pretty edible. You can trust us, or you can try it for yourself – next time you’re in Japan.

  • Dark Chocolate

No, we don’t mean regular dark chocolate you can find in every store. We are talking about a unique experience you get when you order this dessert at Alinea restaurant in Chicago. The server will not only bring you the dessert, he will give you a full performance. First he will artistically drip colorful syrups right there on the tabletop and place a chocolate bowl the size of a bowling ball in the middle. And for the grand finale, he will smash the bowl like a delicious piñata right in front of your eyes.

  • Deep Fried Candy Bar

This is something you can make yourself, if you like the concept of course. It originated in Scotland and the idea is simple – find your favorite candy bar and put it in a deep fryer. The most common choice is Mars, but you can choose whichever you want. If you go to Scotland, you can find this snack at fast-food restaurants. And don’t be surprised if you get a side of fries with your order. It’s not recommended if you’re on a diet – you can only imagine how many calories this dessert has.

  • Tavuk Göğsü

This is a traditional Turkish delicacy that mixes sweet with meat. It was a dessert worthy of the Ottoman sultans. Tavuk göğsü is a pudding made from white chicken breast meat boiled and combined with milk, sugar, and rice. And for additional flavoring and decoration, cinnamon is added. The end result – a thick pudding that looks and tastes great. And if you’re worried about the meat, you can hardly taste it. If you find this dessert interesting, you can try it in Istanbul.

  • Jalebi

If you ever go to India and see people eating something that resembles worms, don’t freak out. It just might be jalebi, a traditional South-Asian dessert. It looks like a worm, but in fact it’s just made from wheat-flour batter shaped in circles or pretzel-like shapes and deep fried. Furthermore, it is dipped in sugar syrup which gives it sweetness and orange color. So you end up with a plate full of delicious worms, and you can creep out the confused tourists while eating your exotic dessert.

  • Bacon Doughnut

More like bacon everything. It is a well-known fact that everything is better with bacon. Or maybe we’re just being subjective, but either way, mixing bacon with a sweet flavor is a revolution in food. First there were chocolate-dipped bacon strips, and now somebody thought of putting bacon on doughnuts. Just imagine that heavenly glazed dough and add maple syrup or chocolate to the mix. To wrap it all up, put some fried bacon on top. Your dessert is done. Don’t judge until you’ve tried it!