Your Ultimate Guide to Sicilian Cuisine

Your Ultimate Guide to Sicilian Cuisine


The magic of Sicilian cuisine is that it combines all the cuisine styles of the cultures that once lived on the island. It’s based on traditional Italian food, but enriched with Spanish, Greek, Arab and French influence. Having ingredients and recipes from so many cultures makes Sicilian cuisine one of the most colorful and unique ones in the world. If you ever find yourself on the beautiful island of Sicily, don’t miss out and make sure you try the local food. And if you’re not that lucky to visit Sicily, you can just as well make some of their delicious dishes at the comfort of your own home.

Some of the ingredients used in the wide range of Sicilian pastas, main dishes, soups, salads and desserts came to the island many years ago and made their way into their cuisine. 


Spanish influence can easily be seen through the use of maize, turkey and cocoa, while Arabic is clear in the ingredients such as melon, nutmeg, cinnamon, rice and many other oriental fruit and spices. We can’t forget Greek olives and pistachio and Sicilians themselves introduced the use of as many fresh vegetables as possible, as well as the extremely popular fish such as sea bream, cuttlefish, tuna and many other seafood specialties.

With such a rich combination of ingredients, Sicilian is not just one of the tastiest cuisines in the world, but one of the healthiest, too.

Which restaurants to visit? 

There are hundreds of lovely restaurants in Sicily and you shouldn’t make that mistake not to try out any of them. If money concerns you, let us assure you that you can have a perfectly decent meal for under 20 Euros (22 US dollars) in some of these restaurants.

If you’re more for a classy evening with a more expensive touch, there are numerous luxurious places that will enchant your experience with fresh food, mesmerizing views and flawless service. The menus are also bursting with life, so you are bound to find something you will like, no matter how picky you are. If you don’t like seafood, no problem, try some of the classic pizzas or traditional desserts.

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